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Cheaters & Broken Hearts
Support for those affected by infidelity...
Your questionnaires will only be seen by me, so please be honest, if you choose to fill one out. If you you have held more than one position in a love triangle, feel free to fill out questionnaires for whichever apply to your circumstances. If you have more than one experience with infidelity, you can fill out a questionnaire for each instance, if you choose. Thank you so much for your participation!
1. How many women have you cheated on?
2. Why did you cheat?
3. Was the sex better with the other woman?
4. Do/did you feel justified when you were cheating?
5. Was it...
6. Did your wife find out about your infidelity?
7. How did you feel about your wife's pain regarding your infidelity?
8. Do you think you'll always be unfaithful?
9. What were your feelings about getting caught cheating?
10. What did you think the consequences would be if you were to get caught cheating?
11. When you cheated on your wife, were you IN LOVE WITH YOUR WIFE?
12. When you cheated on your wife, were you IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER WOMAN?
13. When or just after you were with your other woman, how did you feel? Check all that apply.
14. Did alcohol or drugs play a part in your infidelity?
1. How many men have you been with who were married or in a committed relationship?
2. Did you know he was married or in a committed relationship?
3. How did you feel about the fact that he was married?
4. Did you consider how his relationship with you would affect his wife?
5. Were you in love with him?
6. Did you hope he and his wife would divorce?
7. How did you feel toward his wife?
8. How was the sex with the married man?
9. Do you regret your involvement with the married man?
10. Did he leave his wife for you?
11. In the beginning, what did he tell you about his marriage/wife?
12. During your relationship with the married man, what was your emotional/mental status?
13. Were drugs or alcohol involved in the relationship?
1. How many men have cheated on you?
2. Before you found out he had cheated, were you suspicious?
3. When you found that he had cheated, how did you FIRST respond?
4. What emotions did you feel strongest--check all that apply.
5. At some point, you get angry. At whom was your anger directed?
Other woman.
No one.
6. Did you try to hold on to your cheating husband?
7. If you tried to hold on to the cheater, why did you do it? Check all that apply.
For the children.
I loved him.
I was afraid I couldn't make it financially.
To keep him away from her.
8. Where do you place the blame for the infidelity?
9. How did you find out he had been unfaithful?
I was suspicious & found evidence.
Friend/family member told me.
Other woman told me.
Husband told me.
He left me for her.
10. If you confronted the cheater, how did he respond?
He tried to hold onto me.
He offered to get counseling.
He promised to end it.
He said he loved her.
He said he wanted out.
He left me for her.
They are married now.
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